This exhibition features work from seven alumni from Kensington and Chelsea College in London.

Exhibiting are:

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Pareidolia (/pærᵻˈdoʊliə/ parr-i-doh-lee-ə) is a psychological phenomenon wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.

Amelia Shepherd


We are showing Amelia’s series “Female Fighters”.

The concept developed through Shepherd’s own practice in kickboxing – “generally reactions focus on ‘aggression’ or ‘violence’. These ill-placed misconceptions motivated me. I’m interested in how such labels affect us as females.”

Female fighters sit for a portrait in the moments post sparring, catching a transitional time frame where these women are caught between two worlds – that of the ring and the outside world of roles and responsibilities whilst capturing the intensity of post-spar energy.

Click here for more on the “Female Fighters” project or here for Amelia Shepherd’s home page.

You can email Amelia directly using this link.


Pipina Peperina


Pipina is showing work from her project Borderline.

emotional instability (a psychological term for this is affective dysregulation)
disturbed patterns of thinking or perception (psychological terms for these are cognitive or perceptual distortions)
impulsive behaviour
intense but unstable relationships with others (“love-hate” relationships with certain people)
very rigid “black-white” view of life (unable or unwilling to accept any sort of “grey area” in their personal life and relationships)

You can see more of Pipina’s work on this project  by clicking here.

Nikee Brooklyn



Nikee is showing  images from an unfinished body of work entitled ‘Mother Nature’.
Each Black and White image symbolises Nature, a force that can control all that is living.

Mother Nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nature one’s soul.
Anthony Douglas Williams

You can see other work or contact Nikee via her website.

Monika Szolle


Monika is exhibiting two series of work “The Holy Words” and “The Age of Rose”.

Both series use encaustic photos which combine photography with the ancient art of painting using beeswax and pigments in a layering technique that create a different surface and texture to the photograph adding a delicious sweet scent to the beeswax-infused photos.

You can find more of her work here.

Gesine Garz


This is from the series “The Vikings” which will be shown at the exhibition.

Gersine shot the images  with the Jomsborg Vikings (a North London Reenactment group) in Epping Forest.
She followed them around  on campaign as their ‘war correspondent’.

More of her work can be seen here.

Kerstin Zahn


The work in this show is from the series “Places of Safety”.

This project was conceived in order in order to address concerns about the use of police cells as a ‘Place of Safety’ for people experiencing mental distress. Statistics published by the Independent Police Complaints Commission in 2012 and 2013 show that almost half of those who died during or following police custody had been identified as suffering from mental health problems.

This raises the question: what is a safe place?

The images shown are the result of conversations with many individuals about the meaning and importance of safety, as well as their personal memories and fantasies of safe places.

You can contact Kerstin by using this link.